HIDemyass is an extremely powerful Apache firewall that gives you total control over your network. It provides complete invisiblity while browsing on the internet and can hide your IP address. The main feature on this program is that it works with all important components to mask the real Internet protocol address and do other activities on your behalf. To guard your privacy and keep online hackers at bay, HIDemyass is one of the best solutions on the market today.

HIDemyass works with the most famous web browsers which includes Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and many more. It can be completely free to work with and can be deemed more or less like cPanel, only that HIDemyass is much more advanced. You should use it with the highly acclaimed Hidemyass Backup to get better net security. HIDemyass is also compatible cyberghost with most back-up programs and web proxy server servers meant for better world wide web privacy and protection.

HIDemyass also comes included with countless useful features such as parental regulators, advanced profile management, IP changing, and much more. If you are using an ancient version of HIDemyass, variation 2 . 5 various, you can get the most up-to-date patches and security advancements from the webpage. This will permit your machine to work with the most recent software on the market. In addition to its wonderful security features, HIDemyass likewise comes with a speed guide to help you gain top rates of speed on your Linux machine. Presently there are many people who use this program daily, and they all swear by this.